Business Plan

    Task Details

    For the Team project in this module you are required to create and present a Business Plan for an explicit stakeholder or stakeholder group, eg customers, family, friends, intermediary, staff, investor or banker;. Due to the extensive nature of the detail required this is a Team activity. The business is to have an international market and be one that you could, in principle, be involved with.

    Particular instructions to students

    As a team you are required to:

    Produce a written Business Plan and business pitch for a new business venture* in which you personally (in principle) could be involved. The written Business Plan should be not more than 3,000 words +/- 10% (plus appendices if required).

    The Business is to have an international market which can include an international market here in the UK, It could be but is not limited to:

    1) A fashion magazine aimed at Chinese (or other ethnicity) students

    2) An ethnic restaurant (you can decide what ethnicity they want to work with)

    3) A tour agency targeting international students

    4) An events management company targeting international students

    5) a company offering proofreading services to international students etc

    If you choose to have students as your market then The International Experience Team here at Sheffield Hallam University can assist you in identifying groups of international students you can do research with. You could also ‘recruit’ research participants via joining SHUGoGlobal Facebook group and ask for expressions of interest.

    Work out what finance is needed. You can include your realistic savings and that you are applying to a bank (or other source of finance) for the remainder; projected Cash Flow forecast and projected Income statement must be included.

    Address the Business Plan to an explicit stakeholder or stakeholder group, eg customers, family, friends, intermediary, staff, investor or banker, seeking their support. You need to convince them of the viability of your plan and argue the case for them to advance the support needed.

    You are then required to present the business plan in the form of a business proposal ‘pitch’ to an explicit stakeholder or stakeholder group, eg customers, family, friends, intermediary, staff, investor or banker; the presentation should be succinct and professional using PowerPoint or similar high quality presentation format. Your ‘Pitch’ is time constrained and should take no longer than 10 minutes with all team members participating with speaking roles except where learning contracts are agreed otherwise and students wish to use this agreement.

    The seminar group is to be divided by the seminar tutor into teams with, wherever possible, a mix of peers, international backgrounds, at least three different courses, gender etc. 4-6 team members. This will be your business plan team (assignment 2) and you should sit together each week in order to become more familiar and work on your business plan.

    A mix of at least three courses is essential in order to complete the business plan, eg marketers and finance expertise. You must have at least one international student in your team to bring cultural perspective. At least one member of your team should have attended or intend to attend the team leader workshop. Employers want graduates who are effective in teams based on expertise rather than friendship groups.

    In a business plan you might not normally use references. In an academic business plan, you must cite and reference where you found your theory and/or model and why it is important to use it

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