Public Debate-Research/Annotated Bibliography

    Short Paper, Entering Public Debate-Research/Annotated Bibliography

    Task: Find and print three source articles on the issue you are researching from online sources or from the databases. Read and highlight the articles.  You may use some paraphrasing, some quoting, some interpretation when appropriate, and indicate why the information is useful or significant to explain the rhetorical situation of your choice. 

    Use an MLA citation format for the source at the top of the first paragraph.

    Then write three paragraphs on each article:

    1. Paragraph 1-Answer questions on the bullet points below.
    2. Paragraph 2-List five to ten questions that you will research in further exploring the issue.
    3. Paragraph 3-What other sources can you use to investigate answers to the questions in paragraph 2? possible places you will search for additional materials. (Keep in mind the Pew Research Center for nonpartisan governmental research about many topics as well as CQ Researcher for opposing viewpoints on current topics.)

    Paragraph 1 questions:

    • State the author’s name and professional background, credentials, or what qualifies him or her to be an expert on your topic.
    • State the thesis or main argument of the article, or if it is not an academic article, give a general description of the content.
    • What is the main evidence used to support the thesis/claims? Are there any limitations or critiques of the evidence?
    • What is the purpose of the article and who is the intended audience of the article?
    • State if the source is a primary or secondary source and how you located it?
    • Evaluate the usefulness or relevance of this source for your topic.

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